Vancouver Poppy Fund Award in Graduate Education

Award Description

Two awards of up to $15,000 each have been made available through a gift from the Vancouver Poppy Fund for graduate students in the Faculty of Education who are Veterans of Canada. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Eligibility:  Applicants must be registered in a fulltime magistral or doctoral program in Winter 1 and Winter 2 2021. Applicants must also be Canadian citizens who are “veterans” in accordance with following definition provided by The Royal Canadian Legion: “The Legion defines a Veteran as any person who is serving or who has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth or its wartime allies, or as a Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or as a Peace Officer in a Special Duty Area or on a Special Duty Operation, or who has served in the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime.”


Field of Study: Any field of study in the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia


Application Instructions: Applicants should submit


  • A statement outlining the focus of their studies and detailing what will be accomplished in their graduate program during the award tenure (the 2021 academic year). This statement should not exceed one page, 12 pt Times font, single spaced, references excluded.
  • A curriculum vitae including relevant employment, volunteerism, and academic experience.
  • A letter of support from the academic supervisor.

Funding Considerations: Doctoral students with minimum funding packages should note the following: “If a student receives additional funding (e.g., from a scholarship) or other income during their program that elevates their package above the minimum, their support from on-campus funding sources may be reduced.” (UBC GPS Minimum Funding Handbook)

Deadline: Applicants should submit the required documents as a single PDF file to the Office of Research by Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Please submit applications electronically to Supervisors should submit letters of support to the same email address by the deadline.