The Office of Research in Education (ORE) is a service unit with a mandate to oversee and support research activity in the Faculty of Education.

Our services include:

  • Supporting research chairs and professorships in the Faculty of Education
  • Publicizing the stellar research done by our faculty to the wider community at UBC and beyond
  • Providing scholarship and grant writing support
  • Fostering research collaborations and funding opportunities
  • Delivering research infrastructure support and adjudicating funding for that purpose
  • Supporting new faculty with internal and external research funding opportunities
  • Recognizing award-winning research


If you are a faculty member seeking information about research funding opportunities, we hope our web site provides you with both a global orientation to the Faculty of Education, along with specific information about the resources available to you.


For more information, contact us at educ.ore@ubc.ca or connect with a member of our team.