Faculty of Education International Research Visiting Fellowship (IRVF)

Program Link: https://ore.educ.ubc.ca/research/internal-and-external-funding/

Sponsor: UBC Faculty of Education

Value: Up to three fellowships valued at a maximum $8,000 will be awarded in this competition.



The Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia is pleased to receive nominations for International Research Visiting Fellowships (IRVFs) for 2024-2025. Visiting fellows are expected to spend a minimum of two weeks between April 1, 2024 and August 30, 2025 engaged in high quality collaborative and innovative research with researchers in the Faculty of Education at UBC. It is expected that fellows will be internationally acclaimed scholars in their respective fields, as evident through track-records of research, scholarly publications, knowledge mobilization, major recognitions, and grant funding. It is also expected that the funds will act as a catalyst for subsequent collaborative research with UBC researchers beyond the time of their stay at UBC.

Funds will be awarded to the UBC principal nominator and administered by the relevant Faculty department or school. Host departments/schools will be responsible for providing Fellows with office space within the Faculty of Education, as needed.

Each department/school may submit up to two nominations for adjudication.


The maximum IRVF award is $8,000. Three awards (with a maximum of up to 8,000/fellow) will be made available within the program timeline (April 1, 2024 – August 30, 2025).


  • Funds may be used towards travel, accommodation, per diem expenses, honoraria, and research/meeting costs.
  • Honoraria are capped at $500.
  • Budgets should be carefully thought out and funds must be used for the requested expenses, particularly with regard to accommodation. Nominators should be particularly mindful of their overall budget ask if their intention is to personally host the international researcher, as booked accommodation expenses can make up a significant portion of a budget.
  • Budgets may be reduced post-award if significant changes in the plan result in eliminated or significantly reduced expenses.
  • UBC business expense rules apply.
  • Funds may not be used to purchase computers


  • Nominations will be accepted from Education faculty in the research stream professoriate at the UBC-V campus.
  • A Faculty of Education Co-Nominator must be identified and listed in the application
  • Previously funded nominators must have submitted both an interim and a final report by the nomination deadline.


  • The same visitor cannot be nominated more than once through this
  • Visitors must be from a university outside
  • The nominee must be an outstanding researcher as assessed through their track-record of research, publications, knowledge mobilization, major recognitions, and grant funding.
  • As a condition of the award, it is expected that visiting fellows will give at least one research talk (open to members of the University and the general public).
  • Nominators are advised to consult with their department/school administrative manager regarding requisite travel documentation, including visas, social insurance numbers, etc.


The International Research Visiting Fellowship program has a two-stage reporting process. Successful principal nominators must provide an Interim Report within one month of the departure of the International Visitor. The Interim Report should provide a detailed description of both the activities and immediate outcomes resulting from the visit, as well as the anticipated medium-to-long term outcomes emerging from the visit.

A Final Report is required within eight months of the departure of the international visitor. The Final Report must include details on the outcomes of external grant applications, a description of how the collaboration/visit achieved key objectives in each of the Faculty of Education’s strategic plan and the University’s strategic plan, and a brief description on how the budget was ultimately used (e.g., whether and how it deviated from the original budget).

Both reports should be submitted to the Faculty’s Office of Research in Education (ORE). Failure to submit final reports may prevent principal nominators from being eligible for future internal funding.


  • Priority will be given to principal nominators/hosts who have previously not received funding through this program.
  • The nominee must be an outstanding researcher as assessed through their track-record of research, publications, knowledge mobilization, major recognitions, and grant funding.
  • The nominee must be from a university outside
  • The proposal maps out a clear plan for research collaboration during their visit at UBC, involving faculty, postdocs, and students within the Faculty of Education. Evidence of the potential for the proposed work to catalyze scholarly/research initiatives within and outside of the Faculty is
  • Quality of the proposed research that will be conducted as part of, and following, the visit to UBC. An emphasis on the innovative nature of the proposed work should be evident within the proposal.
  • The proposal must articulate a plan to engage in dissemination of research, including a minimum of one public talk. Please acknowledge the IVRF program as the source of funding for any public events.

Deadline: The consolidated application form and signed RPIF are due to ORE at educ.ore@ubc.ca by Monday, January 15, 2024.

Contact: Robert Olaj in ORE at robert.olaj@ubc.ca

For more information, please contact:

Robert Olaj | Director, Research Development | Office of Research in Education

robert.olaj@ubc.ca | 604-822-0580