Wall Solutions Initiative – Letter of Intent

Sponsor: Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
Sponsor program link: Wall Solutions Initiative

The program is designed to harness high-level research to the practical needs of local, national or international community partners. Proposals must demonstrate active participation with a proposed community or end-user partner to achieve its objectives. Local, national or international community partners are eligible co-applicants.

Value: Wall Solutions projects will be funded at a maximum of $50,000 for one year for direct research costs. Two-year projects are eligible but funds are awarded annually. Renewal is dependent on a formal review of progress achieved. Total project budgets over $50,000 per year are acceptable if you are including funding from other sources or partner contributions.

If you’re interested in receiving internal review of and feedback of your Letter of Intent, please contact Heather Frost in the Faculty’s Office of Research (ORE) no later than Monday, April 10, 2017 to let her know of your intentions.
Sponsor Deadline for Letter of Intent: May 1, 2017

Principal investigators must be full-time UBC faculty at the Professorial Rank in grant/tenure track positions (i.e. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor).

For more information, please contact the Program Manager, Bernadette Mah: solutions@pwias.ubc.ca.