Research Week 2014

Presented by the Office of Graduate Programs and Research in collaboration with the Graduate Student Council of the Faculty of Education, and the Teacher Education Office. This is a Year of Teacher Education event. Contact: Adriana Briseno-Garzon


PROGRAM (poster)

May 13
1:00 pm – Opening Remarks and Opening Address
Involving Teachers in Education Research
Anthony Clarke, EDCP

2:00 pm Research Clinics
Join interactive sessions led by faculty members and discuss different aspects of doing research in education.

Research Clinic choices:

2:00-2:20 pm
Getting Your Research on Paper: Where to Begin and How to Get it Published?
Teresa Dobson, LLED
B. Maximizing your Graduate Experience to Build a Research Career
Deb Butler, ECPS

2:25-2:45 pm
What Produces Trustworthy Research?
Kadriye Ercikan, ECPS
B. Presenting Your Research to Diverse Audiences: Conferences, Communities, Research Committees
Jason Ellis, EDST

2:50-3:10 pm
Ethics in Education Research: Anticipating Dilemmas and Negotiating Access
Cay Holbrook, ECP
B. International Data Collection for Dissertation Research: Tips and Troubles
Maureen Kendrick, LLED

May 14Call for Proposals
10:00 am – Your Research Matters
A session planned to encourage reflection around critical research problems and their implications for practice and policy.
Participants will go straight to the heart of their research presenting important research questions and findings in three minutes or less.

May 15
4:30 pm – “Education Research and Teacher Practice: Inspiring Educators Series” Panel with Canada Research Chairs from across disciplines
Join the conversation and become inspired by the amazing research that is taking place in our Faculty of Education and beyond.
In this discussion panel, current Canada Research Chairs will share how their research is informing current teacher education practices in British Columbia and elsewhere. Featuring the following panelists:

Dr. Jeremy Heyl
Canada Research Chair in Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Dr. Carla Hudson Kam
Canada Research Chair in First and Second Language Acquisition

Dr. Peter C. Seixas
Canada Research Chair in Historical Consciousness

Dr. Vanessa Andreotti
Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change

Chair: Dr. Wendy Carr, Director, Teacher Education

A celebration with refreshments will follow.