Congratulations to Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen on being appointed the Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Intersectionality!

Congratulations to Dr, Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, Associate Professor in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, on her 5-year appointment as Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Intersectionality!

Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen’s research harnesses methodology from clinical and counselling psychology, health psychology and public health to understand intersectional risk and resilience factors that contribute to the development of psychological distress in parents and children. She aims to refine and disseminate psychological interventions to improve parent and child mental health, with a focus on developing mobile health (mHealth) interventions (i.e., psychological support provided by mobile devices) that can best engage traditionally underserved populations. Her work also aims to shift public policy to create greater accessibility of mental health interventions and to identify targets for reformation of recruitment, training, and retention of diverse and culturally competent clinician scientists.

The Faculty of Education would like to wish Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen great success as she advances her exciting programs of research!