Dr. Derek Gladwin appointed to the Peter Wall Institute

Congratulations to Dr. Derek Gladwin, who was appointed a member of the 2022-23 Wall Scholars cohort.

The Wall Scholars Catalyst program provides 12 UBC scholars with the opportunity to “build connections, cultivate relationships and initiate collaborations that engage with the urgency, scale and complexity of the Climate and Nature Emergency.” The program seeks to provide a platform for academics to explore innovative ways of thinking and engage in interdisciplinary research.

The 2022-23 Wall Scholars Catalyst program is guided by four principles:

  • Ethical collaborations
  • Intellectual depth
  • Reparative redistribution
  • Engagement with the Indigenous Strategic Plan.

These principles will support and guide the cohort’s collaborative efforts over their term. Through their work, the 2022-23 cohort aims to address the complexities of systemic issues related to the climate crisis, climate justice and biodiversity loss both locally and globally.

Learn more about Dr. Gladwin’s work.