Panel Presentation: Elevate & Mobilize EDI Research Grants in Education (EMERGE) Projects

On June 8, 2022 the Office of Research in Education sponsored a dynamic panel presentation to highlight the knowledge mobilization activities of 9 Faculty of Education scholars who were awarded Faculty of Education EMERGE grants. The EMERGE program is designed to provide opportunities to engage in knowledge exchange in a range of research areas between Indigenous and racialized scholars, educators and community members.

Hosted by Associate Dean Research Dr. Patsy Duff, the presenters shared their project objectives, progress to date and anticipated next steps for their EMERGE activities.

To view the presentation, please click here. (Passcode: 24d&tHP@)

Our discussants and presenters were as follows:


Dr. Reg D’Silva, Associate Dean, Equity & Strategic Programs

Dr. Joaquin Muñoz, Assistant Professor, EDCP


Dr. Jessica Chan: Fostering Literacy at Home: Knowledge Mobilization Beyond the Classroom

Dr. Sandrine Han: AsianCrit in Canadian Context

Dr. Surita Jhangiani: Alternative Grading Practices

Dr. Anusha Kassan: A Virtual Symposium and Book Launch for “Diversity and Social Justice in Counselling, Psychology, and Psychotherapy: A Case Study Approach

Dr. Shannon Leddy: Knowledge Sharing Sessions for Revising the Ministry of Education Environmental Learning and Experience Framework

Dr. Bathseba Opini: Mentoring Teacher Candidates in Anti-ableist and Antiracist Education: A CFE Pilot Project

Dr. Amy Parent: Intergenerational Learning Circle on Indigenous Graphic Novels & Decolonial Graduate Knowledge Mobilization Projects

Dr. Johanna Sam: Online Warriors Sharing Circles

Dr. Hongxia Shan: Diversity Work as Organizational Learning: Dissemination and Assessment of an Organizational Model