Congratulations to Dr. George Belliveau!

Please join us in congratulating Dr. George Belliveau (Professor and Head, LLED) for leading one of thirty-five research clusters awarded 2021/22 Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters in the recent UBC GCRC competition. The GCRC program is designed to foster and support emerging and established networks of researchers spanning multiple disciplines at UBC who form and nurture interdisciplinary teams that foster partnerships and collaborations, develop new research questions, address key societal and cultural problems, and work together to solve challenges that transcend traditional boundaries.


Cluster name and typeUBC Research-Based Theatre Collective; Established

Cluster members: Dr. George Belliveau (Lead, LLED) and 70 UBC and non-UBC members from both academic and non-academic communities

Award amount: $200,000

Cluster mandate: The Research-based Theatre Collaborative provides researchers with creative modes of inquiry and knowledge exchange through the use of theatre-based approaches. Research-based Theatre is an innovative, arts-based methodology that dramatizes data to stimulate dialogue and foster new understandings about critical social issues. The cluster aims to 1. Examine how RbT can be used to address complex societal problems related to equity, diversity, inclusion, oppression, anti-racism and stigma, 2. Develop and strengthen assessment and evaluation models to understand the impacts of RbT as a mode of inquiry and knowledge exchange, 3. Work with researchers, artists, and members of institutional ethics review boards to develop a shared understanding of the unique ethical challenges and strengths that arise during RbT projects, and 4. Explore RbT as an opportunity for experiential learning with faculty, staff, students, and community members through the life of a research project.