Congratulations to Faculty of Education Incubator Grant Awardees!

Please join us in extending congratulations to the following faculty members for receiving Faculty of Education Incubator Grants. This one-time grant opportunity is designed to support faculty research by providing some funding for graduate research assistants as well as relevant experience and training during this Covid-19 period.


Dr. Robinder Bedi, Associate Professor, ECPS

Translating, Culturally-Adapting, and Validating the Schwartz Outcome Scale for Assessing Settlement and Counselling Outcomes for Punjabi Immigrants to Canada



Dr. Samia Khan, Associate Professor, EDCP

Assessment Literacy of Working Science Teachers



Dr. Michael Koehle, Professor, KIN

Development of an Ozone Administration System for Human Air Pollution Exposure Research



Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin, Professor, EDCP

Beyond the Pandemic: Surveying the Technological Landscape in STEM Teacher Education – A Pilot Study



Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg, Professor, EDST

Solidarity with Youth Climate Activists: Intergenerational Justice and Chains of Equivalence



Dr. Sharon Stein, Assistant Professor, EDST

Towards Decolonizing the STEM Disciplines



Dr. Patricia Vertinsky, Professor, KIN

Well-being and Physical Activity Opportunities for Female East-Asian international Students at a Multinational University Campus



Dr. Pierre Walter, Professor, EDST

Settler Colonialism, Geographies of Violence and Decolonising Learning in the Climate Justice Movement in British Columbia, Canada