Congratulations to our 2020 Internal Research Grant Awardees!

The office of Research in Education is pleased to announce the faculty award winners in the Faculty of Education’s 2020-2021 internal research funding competitions!


Jacqueline Farquhar Endowment for Children’s Mental Health 


Applicant: Dr. Anusha Kassan (ECPS)

Arts-based educational resources to facilitate the school integration of newcomer youth



SSHRC Explore Grants


Applicant: Dr. Lesley Andres (EDST)

COVID-19, social and economic inequality, and the life course: A 32 year follow-up of the “Paths on Life’s Way” respondents



Applicant: Dr. George Belliveau (LLED)

Delineating a spectrum of research-based theatre: Ten years on



Applicant: Dr. Peter Crocker (KIN)

Co-Applicants: Dr. Andrea Bundon (KIN), Dr. Erica Bennett (KIN)

COVID-19 and the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Games: Coping, adaptation, and psychological wellbeing in Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls



Applicant: Dr. Guy Faulkner (KIN)

Co-Applicant: Dr. Mariana Brussoni (Pediatrics, UBC)

Child movement and outdoor play: Exploring parental perceptions of the impact of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak



Applicant: Dr. Derek Gladwin (LLED)

Futures literacy: Exploring educational and social futures



Applicant: Dr. Anusha Kassan (ECPS)

Co-Applicant: Dr. Laurie Ford (ECPS)

School integration among newcomer youth: Exploring the needs of francophone students



Applicant: Dr. Harper Keenan (EDCP)

Investigating the experiences of trans workers in PK-12 schools



Applicant: Dr. Yan Liu (ECPS)

Co-Applicant: Dr. Richard Young (ECPS)

Exploration on analyzing counselling conversations by artificial intelligence and data visualization



Applicant: Dr. Kerry Renwick (EDCP)

Co-Applicant(s): Dr. Lisa Powell (Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, UBC)

Growing transnational food literacy partnerships



Applicant: Dr. Jennifer Vadeboncoeur (ECPS)

Designing a place-based app for multimodal research into children’s relations with nature: A literature review and pilot study



Applicant: Dr. Rob VanWynsberghe (EDST)

Systems thinking in teacher education: Mapping the terrain and making change



Applicant: Dr. Meike Wernicke (LLED)

Fostering diversity in scholarship and teaching in a global university community



Applicant: Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman (LLED)

Vantage corpus of student texts across the disciplines