2017 SSHRC Insight Grant

Sponsor: SSHRC
Sponsor Program Link: New competition not yet launched. These are the past competition details: SSHRC Insight Grant

Value: $7,000 to $400,000, 3 to 5 years


  • build knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives through support for the best researchers;
  • support new approaches to research on complex and important topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, institution or discipline;
  • provide a high-quality research training experience for students;
  • fund research expertise that relates to societal challenges and opportunities; and
  • mobilize research knowledge, to and from academic and non-academic audiences, with the potential to lead to intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact.

SPARC Peer Internal Review Program:

  • August 8: Email Danica Kell to register
  • August 11: Email 1 page summary to Danica Kell
  • August 17: Email full proposal to Danica Kell
  • August 31: Receive reviewer feedback
  • Consider incorporating SPARC peer internal review feedback into your proposal
  • September 5: Email complete revised draft to Robert Olaj for review and feedback
  • September 29: Receive ORE internal review feedback (latest)

Application Deadlines:

  • October 6 (10 AM): Deadline ORE/Kinesiology for Associate Dean/Director signature
  • October 6 (4:30 PM): Deadline ORS for RPIF + PDF copy of your full proposal
  • October 13 (4:30 PM): Deadline to hit “Submit” online through your SSHRC Portfolio
  • October 16: Deadline at SSHRC national