Town Hall – Private Donor Funding

With a view to maximize our support of graduate students within the Faculty of Education, the Dean’s Advisory Committee for Research (DACR) has been working to establish a set of procedures that would inform any private donor-sourced funding for graduate students within the Faculty. Indeed, we recognize that in addition to historical/traditional sources of student funding (tri-council agencies, foundations, UBC/internal awards, scholarships, etc), private donor funding has the potential to act as an additional and important source of student financial support.

Nevertheless, we recognize that to do this properly, a set of ethically established guidelines/principles need to be put in place to guide any subsequent private-donor funding policy. With this in mind, please see the working paper (developed by Dr. Vanessa Andreotti and Sharon Stein) that provides a comprehensive overview of the various issues and challenges at hand, as well as some options/considerations for moving forward. Please join us for an ‘open house’ discussion of this issue on May 23rd.

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Time: Noon – 1 PM
Location: Scarfe 310

We hope that the working paper and open house discussion can contribute to an agreed-upon plan of action for moving forward.