UBC Vancouver-Okanagan Collaborative Research Mobility Awards

Program Link: https://research.ubc.ca/vpri-competitions-initiatives/collaborative-research-mobility-awards/ubc-vancouver-okanagan

Sponsor: Offices of the President, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, UBC Okanagan; the Vice-President, Research and Innovation; the Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation, UBC Okanagan; the Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC Vancouver; and the Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC Okanagan.

Value: $5,000 per proposal cap. $25,000 program budget for each quarterly application cycle.


UBC Collaborative Research Mobility Awards are designed to support research collaboration across UBC in Vancouver and the Okanagan by providing funding to:
• initiate new or strengthen existing research collaborations;
• enable travel to access unique infrastructure/core facilities at each location or to hold research meetings;
• support travel, per diems, and accommodations for UBC researchers
Funding cannot be used for the direct costs of research or to support meetings that would have otherwise happened.

Competitions will be held four times per year with a rapid review and decision process.
Researchers are invited to submit a free-form 1-page proposal that includes:
• identification of researchers involved at UBCV and UBCO (briefly describe excellence in research area(s) of the team);
• a description of the purpose for the travel, including an If travel outside UBC is proposed, then applicants have to make a strong case for the added value of meeting elsewhere;
• anticipated outcomes of the award, e.g., starting or strengthening a collaboration, accessing infrastructure or core facilities available at the other location, or initiating a collaborative grant proposal, undertaking a component of a research study; and
• a budget including a brief justification and the anticipated start and end date.

Faculty members from all disciplines who are eligible to hold research grants can apply.

A total funding envelope of $100,000 is available for this one-year funding cycle.
There will be four application deadlines each year. Approximately $25,000 will be available at each of these deadlines. Applications will open approximately six weeks prior to each deadline.
Application deadlines:
• August 5, 2021– Submit
• November 5, 2021
• February 7, 2021
• May 5, 2021
The funding cap per proposal is $5,000. Applicants are able to hold a maximum of two awards per one-year funding cycle.
Funds will be released to successful awardees as a single payment and must be spent within one year of award receipt with no extensions permitted.
Successful applicants will be required to submit a 1 page report on the activities undertaken within one month of the end date of the project. A second application will only be considered once the report is submitted.

Applications for this award should be submitted electronically as a PDF to the VPRI online form. Applications will be adjudicated by an interdisciplinary peer review process and should be written for non-specialists. Applicants will be notified of decisions within 4-6 weeks. Specific assessment criteria include:
• Objective measures of research excellence in the project area(s) at UBCO and UBCV; and
• Ability for proposed activities to foster or support research collaborations across the two campuses.
Questions should be directed to Stacey Herzer (stacey.herzer@ubc.ca), 604-827-2379.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Stacey Herzer