UBC Selection Deadline for Institutional Nominations for Royal Society of Canada Fellows

Program Link: https://research.ubc.ca/support-resources/awards-applications-nominations/major-external-awards-deadlines/royal-society-3

Sponsor: Royal Society of Canada

Description: In anticipation of the RSC’s September call for nominations, UBC VPRI has put in place a process for selecting nominees that wish to be nominated by UBC in its role as an Institutional Member. Faculty members may be nominated by a current RSC Fellow (for Fellowship or College membership), by a member of the College (for College only), or by an Institutional Member (UBC via the President’s Office).
RSC Fellows are those with exceptional and original publications, intellectual achievements, and creative activities. Their achievements are in the arts, the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. They are either Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents for at least 3 years. Download the 2021 FRSC Nomination Guide

Deadline for online submission for UBC selection of institutional nominees for Royal Society of Canada Fellows