UBC Public Humanities Hub Public Engagement Award

Program Link: www.publichumanities.ubc.ca/programs/public-engagement-award/

Sponsor: UBC Public Humanities Hub

Value: $1500 and be recognition on the Public Humanities Hub webpage

Description: The UBC-Vancouver Public Humanities Hub (PHH) is delighted to announce two new annual prizes for public humanities engagement.
One prize recognizes the contributions of a tenured or tenure-track UBC-V faculty member (in research or educational leadership streams) in the Faculty of Arts, Allard School of Law, or the Faculty of Education.
One prize recognizes the contributions of a UBC-V graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or adjunct faculty in the Faculty of Arts, Allard School of Law, or the Faculty of Education.
Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.
The two prizes will be given to individuals who have exhibited outstanding public humanities engagement in the past two years. The Public Humanities Hub recognizes that there are many diverse publics and many diverse modes of engaging these publics. We encourage nominations of individuals who employ more traditional forms of engagement, i.e. through print and broadcast media, and/or who employ more creative approaches like community partnerships, podcasts, exhibitions, festivals and more. We are particularly interested in recognizing scholars whose work has contributed to the expansion of the range of voices in public discourse and who have gone beyond the traditional top-down research dissemination approach to facilitate two-way dialogue with broader publics.

Nominees must upload CVs (PDF or Word) of all Cluster members, a Research Project Information Form for the Principal Investigator (signed by the PIs Head and the Associate Dean Research), along with a completed application form, signed by the PI and your Department/Unit Head, at the following link: https://phh.air.arts.ubc.ca/public-humanities-hub-research-cluster-grant-competition-2021-22/
To nominate someone (or yourself) for the prize, please submit a letter to Dr. Mary Chapman (Academic Director of PHH) that includes a rationale for the nomination as well as contact information for the nominator and nominee (if different); a CV highlighting public engagement work; and two examples of the nominee’s public humanities engagement (in the form of links or attachments) at the following link: https://phh.air.arts.ubc.ca/public-engagement-award-2021/

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Mary Chapman.