UBC Public Humanities Faculty Fellowships

Program Link: www.publichumanities.ubc.ca/programs/public-humanities-faculty-fellowships/

Sponsor: UBC Public Humanities Hub

Value: One, 3-credit course release

Description: The Public Humanities Faculty Fellowships will provide course-releases to up to four full-time, tenured or tenure-track UBC faculty members (in research and educational leadership streams) in Arts, Law and Education to work on individual humanities-oriented research projects requiring dedicated release time. These awards will enable award holders to do their research in an interdisciplinary community of scholars and to explore ways to make their research more public-facing and/or to share their research more broadly. Each successful applicant will be granted one three-credit course-release. Please view the linked application documents below for more details.

Applicants must submit a PDF or Word file of their current UBC CV (updated to acknowledge past and on-going public-facing research activities) along with a completed application form, signed by your Department/Unit Head, through the following link: https://phh.air.arts.ubc.ca/public-humanities-course-release-award-competition-2021-2022/

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Mary Chapman.