UBC Partnership Recognition Fund

Program Link: www.communityengagement.ubc.ca/scholarly-resources/fund/

Sponsor: UBC

Value: Between $500-$1,500 | Funds open to applicants from UBC-V and UBC-O

Description: Every day, people on and off-campus work together on joint initiatives that benefit both the community and the university. Engaged research, experiential learning, planning and policy development, educational programming, dialogue projects, workshops – our impact grows when we work together.

The Community Engagement Partnership Recognition Fund (PRF) is designed to help fill small resource gaps and acknowledge the work of community groups that partner with UBC. We especially welcome applications for projects that advance equity and justice through reciprocal community engagement.

Strong PRF applications will indicate how they intend to address the following objectives:

  • Advance reciprocal community engagement towards equity and justice.
  • Fill a resource gap that supports the community group to partner with UBC.
  •  Address an identified need of the community partner and/or the communities they work with.
  • Improve community access to UBC research, teaching and learning resources.
  • Provide mutual benefit to both community and UBC partners.

Funds go to the community partners to fill a resource gap in their partnership with UBC. Possible activities might include ones that:

  • Respond to the impacts of COVID-19 within the community partnership.
  • Build or share skills through workshops, training, experiential learning, asset-based skill building, etc.
  • Build or share knowledge through events, dialogues, engaged research, toolkits, etc.
  • Recognize or celebrate achievements through awards, debriefs, appreciation/evaluation, etc.
  • Extend or deepen engagement through community mapping, artistic or creative events, public forums, network building, etc.

How the Funds May be Used
Funds can be used to cover costs that are integral to these activities. Some examples include:

  • Honoraria
  • Equipment/supplies
  • Subscriptions to virtual programs
  • Transportation or delivery costs

Note that these are just examples, and we invite you to submit expenses that meet the needs of your work. Please contact us and we will be happy to talk this through with you.

The following activities are outside the scope of this fund:

  • Activities that do not include at least one off-campus and one on-campus partner
  • Kick-starting new partnerships
  • Hiring UBC students
  • Payment of salaries or wages
  • Fees for UBC faculty, students, or staff to attend conferences, events, etc.
  • Expenses that include alcoholic beverages
  • Projects that have been supported by PRF in the same funding year
  • Funding that flows directly to an individual (PRF funds are intended to go to partner organizations)
  • Projects outside of Canada

Application deadline: June 17, 2021