UBC CFI Innovation Fund Internal Process and Timeline

Program Link: www.research.ubc.ca/cfi-innovation-fund

Sponsor: Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Value: $400 Million program budget for projects; $120 Million in associated operating funds

Description: In anticipation of the next CFI IF call, the UBC offices of the Vice-President of Research and Innovation (VPRI) and Institutional Programs Office (IPO), will begin the UBC internal competition planning starting this Fall 2021. While UBC’s internal process will be similar to the previous competitions, we will begin the process earlier to maximize project development time and time for internal review processes. Institutions have a limit on the total requests (in dollars, limited by the UBC CFI Funding Envelope, or “cap”) that they can submit to the CFI. The UBC internal processes are geared towards selecting those with the highest likelihood of success.

We recommend the following actions:

1. For multi-institutional IF projects, now is the time to engage with project team members at other institutions to become familiar with their internal guidelines and/or requirements. Please be aware that for multi-institutional collaborations, applicants need to reach out to potential partners and consider that timelines for decision making will be different at each partner institution. Being a co-applicant on another team does not mean a guarantee of UBC IF cap for your project.
2. In order to take full advantage of this advance notice, take this time to develop your project team. There is enough time to firmly establish your team through tangible activities, e.g., co-supervising trainees; applying for other collaborative team grants, or writing a review. “Team” is a key criterion for the CFI so having real linkages that you can point to will help build this aspect of your application.
3. New for this round: For projects with renovations, applicants will need to get approval from their Dean and have consulted with Facilities Planning (or equivalent if off of Point Grey) ahead of the EOI deadline.

Below is a summary of both UBC’s internal without being able to put specific dates to them until the CFI makes its announcement:

• Plan a consult with the CFI advisor, Leonard Foster and the IPO team. To schedule a time, please contact the IPO office at ipo.admin@ubc.ca
• Get approval from your Dean(s) and connect with Facilities Planning for projects with renovations by August – exact dates will be confirmed once more information is available from CFI
• UBC Internal deadline: Expression of Intent (EOI) submission to IPO (September 30 2021)
• Formal Call for Proposals announcement expected from the CFI (Sept/Oct 2021)
• UBC Internal deadline: Full internal proposal, including budget, CVs and BCKDF Step 1 (December 15 2021)
• UBC adjudicative review and proposal selection process (January 2022)
• UBC Internal review decision (March/April)
• CFI Deadline: Notices of Intent (NOI) submission to the CFI through CAMS (~June 2022)
• Internal Deadline: full proposal submission to IPO for formative review (UBC and external)
• Internal Deadline: BCKDF Step 1 to IPO for feedback
• Internal Deadline for final proposals
• CFI deadline for full proposals (Sept/October 2022)
• BCKDF Step 1 application review and submission to the Province (1 month after the CFI deadline)

Specific dates are subject to change pending CFI’s announcement of the CFI IF 2022/3 call. The IPO will communicate CFI deadlines and confirm the UBC internal processes and timeline once we hear from the CFI. We encourage PIs to start the process early in particular if you are collaborating with other institutions and to follow Faculty review processes if applicable. If you are considering an application that involves substantial renovation or new construction, please reach out to us immediately. Please feel free to contact the IPO office at ipo.admin@ubc.ca for assistance.

Innovation Fund proponents will need to submit an online expression of interest to the University’s Institutional Programs Office