UBC 2021 Killam Accelerator Research Fellowship

Program Link: https://research.ubc.ca/content/karf-2021

Sponsor: UBC Office of the Provost & VP Research & Innovation

Value: $50,000 research operating funds; $60,000 for course release

Description: UBC’s Offices of the VP Research & Innovation and Provost have jointly launched a call for nominations for the 2021 Killam Accelerator Research Fellowships. The submission deadline is October 15, 2021. Funded through the Killam Trusts, the program is designed to recognize exceptional early-career scholars who have the potential for significant impact in their field of scholarship and are ready to launch the next stage of their career. The fellowships will support early-career scholars in their most productive years after tenure is achieved. The award is for a two-year term and in addition to a $50,000 research allowance, up to $60,000 will be provided to the candidate’s home unit for course release over the term of the award.

The program considers all fields of research and the University expects to award 6 fellowships in total. To be eligible, nominees must be full-time, recently-tenured faculty (generally defined as within 3-4 years past tenure) at UBC, who are no more than 15 years post-PhD at the time of nomination. The University is encouraging departments, divisions, institutes, schools, and faculties to consider a greater inclusion of equity and diversity in their nomination strategies. Please be sure to review the full eligibility and nomination requirements here.

Nominations for the Killam Accelerator Research Fellowship must be selected and approved by the Faculty. Nominations are uploaded on behalf of the nominee, by the dean’s office. Large faculties such as Education have a limit of two nominations (including, in our case, candidates from the Okanagan School of Education). Accordingly, the Faculty has developed a process to identify nominees:

Internal Selection
Friday September 17, 2021 – Department Heads and the School’s Director are asked to email the following documents to Robert Olaj in ORE: Dossiers from a maximum of two nominees per unit (ranking not required) that include: · The nominee’s CV (UBC CV format).

  • A 50-word (maximum) citation of the candidate’s research in lay language that a non-expert audience will be able to understand.
  • A four page, single-spaced statement summarizing most significant research accomplishments and research to be pursued during the two-year term. The document components should address the following:
  1. The summary should provide an overview of career research accomplishments and should be stated in language that can be understood by an multidisciplinary adjudication committee
  2. Project information should clearly demonstrate how the Fellowship award will enable impact over-and-above what the nominee might otherwise achieve with funding they currently hold, and emphasize the impact of the nominee’s work on their field of scholarship.
  3. The research plan should describe, using clearly defined objectives, methods and outcomes, the proposed study and research to be undertaken during the period of the Fellowship and its novelty, significance and impact.
  • References (optional). Two pages maximum.
  • Three Letters of Support from arms-length referees. Letter of Support requirements are described on the KARF website
  • A 150 word (maximum) description of how the department/school will relieve the nominee of teaching responsibilities during the 2-year term of the KARF.

A Faculty committee will be struck to review candidates and the successful nominees will be notified by ORE in late September or early October, prior to the official October 15 deadline.

Deadline for Department Heads and the School’s Directors to submit requisite submission materials to Robert Olaj in ORE.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Robert Olaj .