SSHRC Research Data Management Capacity Building Initiative (Connection Grants)

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Sponsor: Social Science and Humanities Research Council


Events: $7,000 to $25,000

Outreach activities: $7,000 to $50,000; higher amounts may be considered if well justified

For 1 year

Description: To continue helping the Canadian social sciences and humanities research community better understand data management and incorporate data management considerations into research practices, SSHRC’s Research Data Management Capacity Building Initiative will continue to fund at least 10 meritorious Connection Grants proposals per competition to support the research community’s development, adoption and dissemination of research data management standards, practices, tools and skills appropriate to their field.

Research data management supports the effective and responsible conduct of research, and increases the ability to store, find and reuse research data. A strong culture of data management will serve Canadian research excellence and support the development of social sciences and humanities insights. It will also benefit Canadian researchers working in international partnerships and collaborations as funders around the globe implement and strengthen data management requirements.

Applicants must complete the Connection Grants application form, and follow the accompanying instructions, as outlined in the Connection Grants funding opportunity description.

SSHRC will accept applications for the Research Data Management Capacity Building Initiative until August 1, 2023. Research Data Management Capacity Building Initiative applications are subject to the Connection Grants evaluation criteria and scoring.

In their application form, initiative applicants must:

· select the “Data Management” option;

· under Keywords, include “Data Management;”

· under Expected outcomes, detail the potential benefits and/or outcomes of the proposed event or outreach activity as they relate to data management; and

· under Description of connection project, demonstrate how the proposed event or outreach activity will support the initiative’s objectives, listed in Evaluation and adjudication.


Contact: If you have any questions, contact Nandini Maharaj.