SPARC Receive Peer Feedback on SSHRC Insight Grant Proposals

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Sponsor: Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity

Description: Through SPARC’s internal review program, faculty can receive written feedback from a peer to strengthen proposals prior to submission to SSHRC competitions. SPARC will match applicants with fellow UBC faculty who have successfully obtained SSHRC funding and/or who have sat on SSHRC review committees. Follow-up meetings can also be organized to discuss feedback at the discretion of the applicant and reviewer. The internal review program is offered for the SSHRC Insight, Partnership Development, Insight Development, and Partnership Grant – Stage 1 competitions. To participate in the internal review program for SSHRC grants, applicants must register and provide a copy of their proposal’s one-page summary. The information provided in the registration and summary is used to match applicants with appropriate reviewers. Applicants will then be required to submit the completed draft of their proposal to SPARC to receive feedback. Reviewers will return their feedback within two weeks of receipt. See below for important dates and deadlines to participate in an internal review for select SSHRC programs. Register here.

Deadline to register and submit your one-page summary.

Peer feedback returned to review participants.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Danica Kell .