Faculty of Education Research Awards Committee

The Faculty of Education Research Awards Committee (FERAC)  was formed in 2018.

The key objective of FERAC is to identify and support members of the Faculty’s professoriate that are promising candidates for local, national and international research awards and prizes. With representation from all four departments and the School of Kinesiology, committee members will liaise with their own units to learn about promising departmental awards nominees and disseminate information about upcoming award and prize competitions.

Current Members:

Dr. Patsy Duff, Chair,  Professor, LLED and Associate Dean, Research in Education

Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Professor, EDST

Dr. Guy Faulkner, Professor, KIN

Dr. Peter Gouzouasis, Professor, EDCP

Dr. Bruno Zumbo, Professor, ECPS

Dr. Bonny Norton, Professor, LLED

Robert Olaj, Director, Research Development, Office of Research in Education


Strengthening Support for Research & Scholarly Award Nomination in the Faculty of Education

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Faculty of Education Nomination Plan

Faculty of Education Nomination Structure

For a list of awards and respective deadlines, please see  the Faculty of Education Award Opportunities page