Mitacs RISE-Globalink Research Internship

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Sponsor: Mitacs

Value: Mitacs will award all successful Canadian applicants $6,000 in funding to support the student’s travel and accommodation costs, based on a 12-week internship. Mitacs funding is provided in lieu of the DAAD monthly stipend and international travel subsidy

Description: Mitacs has partnered with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), to support the mobility of students from Canadian universities to German universities and institutions.

The RISE-Globalink Research Internship (RISE-GRI) is a competitive initiative that offers undergraduate students at Canadian universities in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, earth science, and physics the opportunity to participate in a research project supervised by a doctoral student at a German university or institution.

The call for applications will be opened from November 1, 2022 to December 15, 2022. Applications must be submitted through the RISE Germany portal on the program website. Projects should last approximately three months (and at least 10 weeks) and must begin between May 15 and July 14, 2023. At this time, the intention is that the RISE program will be carried out in person, but COVID-19 restrictions could result in a virtual placement.

ORE internal signature deadline for RPIFs. Applicants please email Nandini Maharaj your signed (applicant and department head) RPIF + a pdf of your application. OSE applicants please contact UBC-O's Office of Research Services for internal deadlines

Please email signed (applicant, department head, and ADR) RPIF along with a pdf of your application to ORS ( You may continue to work on the narrative sections of the application until the deadline to hit "Submit" online. However, please note that budget totals must not be changed from the submitted RPIF.

Undergraduate students from Canadian universities who meet all of the eligibility criteria must submit a completed application via the RISE Germany online application portal.

Please visit the RISE Germany website for more information about the application procedure and the internship program.

Successful students are asked to submit the following documents to Mitacs in the 30 days following the receipt of their Outcome Letter:

Contact: If you have any questions, contact