Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar Program

Program Link: https://healthresearchbc.ca/fundingprogram/scholar-program/

Sponsor: Michael Smith Health Research BC

Value: $90,000/annum for salary support for 5 years

Description: The Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar Program supports early-career health researchers who are building leading-edge health research programs, training the next generation of scientists and expanding their potential to make significant contributions to their field.

The Scholar Program is one of Health Research BC’s flagship funding opportunities. Since 2001, we’ve granted more than 460 Scholar awards to develop, attract and retain BC’s best and brightest health researchers and support the advancement of world-class health research in BC.

ORE internal signature deadline for RPIFs. Applicants please email Nandini Maharaj your signed (applicant and department head) RPIF + a pdf of your application. OSE applicants please contact UBC-O's Office of Research Services for internal deadlines

Please email signed (applicant, department head, and ADR) RPIF along with a pdf of your application to ORS (ors@ors.ubc.ca). You may continue to work on the narrative sections of the application until the deadline to hit "Submit" online. However, please note that budget totals must not be changed from the submitted RPIF.

Full application deadline (host institution)

February 06, 2023, 4:30 p.m PT

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Nandini Maharaj.