CCFI Student Funding

Graduate Student Initiative (GSI)

The Faculty of Education which offers the Faculty Wide Programs is committed to its graduate students. The CCFI Advisory Committee identifies students within the Cross Faculty Inquiry in Education thesis-based programs who will make important contributions to their communities, to scholarship, to academic leadership, and who will be competitive in the academic job market in Canada and internationally. A key factor in fulfilling this commitment is recruiting a diverse and talented pool of applicants. We also acknowledge that there is growing competition for outstanding applicants and that UBC must compete for these applicants with other universities.

The GSI is distributed by Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies (G+PS) and is a system for funding graduate students through various mechanisms including entrance scholarships, multi-year funding packages, tuition awards and scholarship top-ups. Funding is available to both international and domestic students.

Funding decisions regarding GSI monies are made in relation to the stipulations, priorities and guidelines set out by G+PS, and directed by the CCFI Advisory Committee members comprised of faculty representatives from each of the four academic departments in the Faculty of Education.

The evaluation criteria, applied by Faculty Wide Programs, are:

  • Academic excellence, as demonstrated by past academic results, transcripts, awards and distinction
  • Academic record
  • Scholarships and awards held
  • Research potential, as demonstrated by the applicant’s research history, his/her interest in discovery, the proposed research, and its potential contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field

For more information about GSI funding, please visit the G+PS website: