CIHR Online Discussion on Systemic Racism

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Sponsor: Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Description: Starting in January 2021, CIHR will host an online discussion to hear from racialized and Indigenous communities about the barriers they face in Canada’s health research funding system and their perspectives on what can be done to address systemic racism within this setting. CIHR specifically invites the engagement of racialized and Indigenous communities with lived experience of systemic racism in the health research sector although the online discussion will be open to all.
The purpose of the online discussion is ultimately to identify specific measures that CIHR can implement to address barriers faced by racialized communities. CIHR acknowledges that it must listen to those communities most affected by systemic racism in the research funding system to better understand the ways in which our policies and programs may reinforce systemic barriers or biases and inequities, whether explicit or unconscious.

CIHR is strongly committed to fostering a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive funding system and recognizes our responsibility—as Canada’s national health research funding agency—to push beyond expressions of commitment and to take actions that will result in tangible changes.

Starting in spring 2021, CIHR will hold virtual small group listening sessions with racialized communities on systemic racism in the health research funding system that will build upon themes and suggestions from the online discussion. Following the engagement activities, CIHR will develop, implement and monitor an action plan, or plans, to address systemic racism in the health research funding system.

Note: CIHR invites you to monitor their newsletter and social media channels for additional information on how to participate in the upcoming engagement activities.

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