CIHR Launch – Healthy Cities Implementation Science Team Grants

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Sponsor: Canadian Institutes of Health Research


  • The total CIHR and PHAC amount available for this funding opportunity is up to $27,450,000 as detailed below. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate.
  •  Of the $18,450,000 available from CIHR:
    •  $450,000 is available at the LOI stage to fund up to 18 Development and Engagement grants (three (3) in each thematic research area) up to $25,000 each, if requested, for a period of one (1) year;
    • At the full application stage, a total of $18,000,000 (not including Partner Funding – see below) is available, enough to fund a minimum of six (6) grants. The maximum amount per grant is $500,000 per year for up to six (6) years, for a total of $3,000,000 per grant

Description: The Healthy Cities Implementation Science (HCIS) Team Grants is a $27 million+ funding opportunity designed to support interdisciplinary teams to implement and evaluate interventions in diverse urban contexts with the goal of improving health and health equity. This competition is now live on ResearchNet.

The HCIS Team Grants are being launched as part of the CIHR Healthy Cities Research Initiative (HCRI) and in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Anticipated Timeline
Letter of Intent Stage
Application Deadline: August 11, 2021
Anticipated Notice of Decision: November 4, 2021
Full Application Stage
Application Deadline: April 28, 2022
Anticipated Notice of Decision: October 4, 2022
Funding Start Date: October 1, 2022

CIHR and PHAC will be hosting a webinar to support participants with the requirements of this funding opportunity and to answer questions on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 1:00-2:30 pm ET. More information and connection details are available on the CIHR webinar page.

Thematic Areas
The HCIS Team Grants funding opportunity will support one research project in each of the six thematic research areas described below. Proposed research projects can be relevant to multiple thematic areas.

The six CIHR thematic research areas are:
• Healthcare Systems, Services and Policies
• Healthy Aging
• Musculoskeletal Health, Mobility or Prevention (including skin and oral health)
• Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
• Urban Indigenous Health
• Population and Public Health

This funding opportunity has two stages: a Letter of Intent (LOI) stage where up to 18 successful applications will receive $25,000 development grants to support the development of their applications, and a full application stage where a minimum of six successful applications will each receive $3 million over six years to fund their research.

Additionally, the Public Health Agency of Canada has contributed $9 million in supplemental funding. Applicants can choose to apply for up to $3 million in supplementary funding from PHAC to increase the impact, scope or complexity of their interventions or study design. To be eligible for PHAC funding, projects must be focused on the promotion of healthy living and the prevention of chronic diseases.
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Support for Applicants
Partner Linkage Tool
CIHR is providing a linkage tool for the Healthy Cities Research Initiative designed to facilitate partnerships between researchers, municipal or other government organizations, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, not-for-profit or other organizations

For all inquiries, please contact:
CIHR Contact Centre
Telephone: 613-954-1968
Toll Free: 1-888-603-4178

The application process for this funding opportunity is comprised of two steps: Letter of Intent and Full Application.
To complete your Letter of Intent, follow the instructions in the Team Grants/ Emerging Team Grants - ResearchNet "Letter of Intent" Phase Instructions Checklist along with any additional instructions found below under “Specific Instructions”.

ORE internal signature deadline for RPIFs. Applicants please email Nandini Maharaj your signed (applicant and department head) RPIF + a pdf of your application.

Please email signed (applicant, department head, and ADR) RPIF along with a pdf of your application to ORS ( You may continue to work on the narrative sections of the application until the deadline to hit "Submit" online. However, please note that budget totals must not be changed from the submitted RPIF.

To complete your Full Application, follow the instructions in the Team Grants / Emerging Team Grants – ResearchNet “Application” Phase Instructions along with any additional instructions found below under “Specific Instructions”.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact