CIHR Introducing the Safeguarding Your Research Portal

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Sponsor: Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Description: Canada’s open and collaborative academic research environment embraces discovery, creativity, and innovation while keeping Canadian research and training internationally competitive. Fostering national and international collaborations, partnerships and networks is essential for Canada in its ability to fully contribute to and benefit from world-leading research, as well as its potential social and economic impacts.

Researchers (Footnote) and their institutions are encouraged to use their best judgement and to exercise appropriate levels of due diligence when managing their research and establishing and/or continuing partnerships with national, international, and multinational partners. While doing so, researchers should continue to follow the best research practices honestly, accountably, openly and fairly, in accordance with the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research and other Agency policies (Footnote). Through these policies, the Agencies are committed to maintaining the highest levels of research excellence and integrity, academic freedom and openness, and the proper stewardship of public funds.

For more information on safeguarding your research, on conducting risk assessment and on best practices for traveling internationally, please consult the resources available on the Safeguarding Your Research portal as well as any guidance provided by your institution.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Nandini Maharaj.