Faculty of Education Inception Grants

Program Link: https://ore.educ.ubc.ca/research/internal-and-external-funding/

Sponsor: The Faculty of Education

Value: Up to $6,000

Description: As part of the Faculty of Education’s ongoing research enhancements efforts, the Office of Research in Education is excited to offer once again the Inception Grants program. The Inception Grants will be made available as a two-year pilot initiative (starting fall 2023 and ending spring 2025) designed to provide applicants to major Tri-Agency research grant programs up to $6000 soon after their grant application is submitted. For applicants who are ultimately successful with their Tri-Agency application, the Inception Grant will advance project objectives ahead of agency funding. Alternatively, for applicants who are unsuccessful in a first attempt, the Inception Grant will allow for preparatory work that may better position them for success when they reapply to their grant program in the next cycle.

Eligibility for Inception Grants is open to full-time members of the Faculty of Education professoriate at UBC-V and UBC-O (Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors, and their counterparts in the Educational Leadership stream).

Applicants must be the main PI (“Applicant” for SSHRC and NSERC; “Nominated Principal Applicant” for CIHR) and must submit an application to one of the following Tri-Agency programs:

SSHRC Insight Grants
NSERC Discovery Grants
CIHR Project Grants (one cycle per year only)
New Frontiers in Research Fund

Applicants to SSHRC’s Connection Grants and partnership suite of grants (Partnership Development GrantsPartnership Engage Grants and Partnership Grants) have access to other supportive funds though the Faculty’s RISS program.

Applicants are eligible to apply to the Inception Grants once per project, for new applications only. Applicants who are unsuccessful with their Tri-Agency application will not be eligible to apply for Inception Grant funding.

Additionally, Inception Grant recipients who are unsuccessful with their Tri-Agency application are expected to re-apply to the next funding cycle.

The Office of Research in Education will liaise with UBC-V’s Office of Research Services after each submission deadline to confirm the list of eligible Tri-Agency applicants from the Faculty of Education. Applicants will be contacted by ORE shortly after the respective sponsor’s submission deadline about next steps.

Upon the submission of a UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF) and a brief budget to ORE, funds will be transferred to an ORS research account. Inception Grant funds will be accessible for one year commencing one month after the respective Tri-Agency application deadline. Extension will not be permitted.

Faculty are highly encouraged to use Inception funds to hire Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs), although all expenses eligible under the Tri-Agency expense guidelines will be permissible except those related to conferences (registration, travel, accommodation, per diem, paper preparation, etc.).

In addition, recipients of Inception Grants are expected to pay student research assistants at minimum the

Faculty’s minimum recommended pay rates:

Undergraduate GRA minimum hourly rate: $24
Masters GRA minimum hourly rate: $26
Doctoral GRA minimum hourly rate: $28

At the end of the term of their award, Inception Grant recipients will be asked to provide ORE with a brief report of the impact of the funding on their project. This will aid in our review of the program.

Contact: If you have any questions, contact Robert Olaj at robert.olaj@ubc.ca